5 Ways to control anxiety naturally and achieve mental peace

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ways to control anxiety naturally

I firmly believe Anxiety is a matter of choice we make and we can control thinking and find ways to control anxiety naturally.

Debilitating Anxiety manifests when general anxiety goes overlooked. 

We decide to live in fear, to live in and despair thinking what ‘if’ the person I ‘fear’ the most or ‘love’ the most says NO!

Or what ‘IF’ I have to go through that same situation I went through a few years back?

You detest the answers which are not in sync with what you want or desire.

No sooner Debilitating Anxiety invades you!


  • Very secure people are the most anxious
  • Chequered childhood leads to profound anxieties

Does it cause you anxiety when your boss comes your way and that’s the last thing you want?

Do you fear when your girlfriend/boyfriend calls you up to tell you to meet her, urgently?

Do you feel panicky when you’re in a social gathering and the last thing you want is people coming your way to talk to you?

What is the worse they can do?

Here are the Top 5 ways to control anxiety naturally Achieve Mental Peace

Control Anxiety Tip #1- BREATHE AND DEEP BREATHE

Focus on how you breathe.

Like I always say, the mind does it all when YOU feed it with food – food of YOUR thought.

Look for a quiet corner – anywhere, on a train, bus, at the airport, school, college or anywhere. Shut your eyes and ears, shut the world out completely and imagine you are sitting on green pastures on a mountain by the lake and there is cold breeze softly blowing, healing every bit of you. Imagine you are in soft golden light of the sun, being embraced by the warmth of it.

Don’t forget to focus on your breathing and continue this exercise every day, especially at the time you know you are going to get a panic attack. This is one of the best ways to control anxiety naturally in any situation. 

PRO TIP: IMAGINATION, is the trick. Imagine you’re inhaling all the very best of everything, all the peace in the Universe and all the tranquility and exhaling all the stress. Imagine..breath..Imagine..breathe..continues.

Control Anxiety Tip #2- YOU HAVE THE POWER

When you watch TV, you have the remote of that TV in your hands and you watch what you want to watch, not something you don’t wish to.

Our brain is the same!

You experience what you give it. You have the remote to your brain so, if you feed your brain with the ‘wrong or a panicky’ thought you will experience the outcome, which is the flow of anxiety.

Imagine giving your brain great good food, like meditation, yoga, the right kind of food, doing things that make you happy, etc.

Do yourself a favor, make a note in your diary each day about what you love to do or what makes you happy. When you have all the points mentioned in front of you – Practice at least one.

So, for example, if walking barefoot in the lush green grass makes you happy – Do it NOW! It is also one of the good ways to control anxiety naturally if you are slowly growing anxious.

Control Anxiety Tip #3- BE IN NATURE

Nature plays a vital role in how our brain works.

There are several studies that say “walking in nature helps the brain.”

If you’re an early riser, get those walking shoes on and go out for a breath of fresh air. Walk it out. And while you walk, do not forget to admire what you see around you. If you’re scared of thinking anything that will make you panic, focus…focus…focus on anything – it could be birds of a different kind, feathers of another color, different kind of flowers, trees, babies it could be anything.

Follow this each day to control anxiety better. Slowly and steadily you will know what difference this makes. You will start loving this ‘me time’ and look forward to doing this each day as one of the effective ways to control anxiety naturally.

Even if you stay at a place crowded like New York, do NOT worry, just forget to catch that subway and walk it up to work or school. Trust me, your ‘me time’ moments will become the most cherished ones.

Control Anxiety Tip #4- LOVE THYSELF

Do you really love yourself?

How many times do you look in that mirror and adore what you see?

Wake up each morning, and when you first look at yourself in the mirror, say it out loud – I LOVE MYSELF. Keep repeating until you start believing. Start with 2 mins of this activity and see what difference can these minutes make to your life.

You will not regret it.

I recommend this to almost all people who have no confidence in themselves but are always seeking ways to control anxiety naturally. I even advise – NOT suggest, them to get into a relationship with someone ‘AFTER’ they love themselves. It is a natural human tendency to fall for people who are our opposites, but ask yourselves this one question before you fall in a relationship that might not be the right one – Is this person I like/love going to help me grow, as a person? If your answer is NO! Run from that relationship and don’t get into it. Why would you want to be in something that doesn’t make you feel happy?


How many times do you hear people say that?

It is true, the law of attraction is the most powerful of all. Go back in time and think, when you were going through a bad moment – did it not cause a series of bad moments? It did, right? Because you fed your mind with information that was irrelevant, everything bad happened – that very day.

Law of Attraction Works – And it works, really good. Most of the life coaches who counsel people suggest – see what you want in life to get it. It means VISUALIZE what you want in life (make sure you visualize what ‘s right, without causing harm to anyone – you reap what you sow).

So, if you visualize yourself happy – believe me, you will manifest happy moments.

How should you do it?

Just shut your eyes before you start your day, open your palms and sit still – imagine, you’re happy. Just forget that you want to find perfect ways to control anxiety naturally. See that smile on your face, while you imagine, see that glow, and keep focusing on your breathing. Give gratitude to life, smile and get started with your day.

PRO TIP – Eat Organic Produce regularly with meals, like fresh fruits, green leafy salads, nuts, milk etc.

Remember, nothing in life is permanent.

Change is the way of life and we must appreciate it.

What have you got to worry or be anxious about?

What is there for you to lose in life?

And so what if your boss appreciates your colleague more than you?

Not the end of the world, you have the most powerful weapon – of Imagination, of visualizing how you expect to lead your life and creating magic. Get on with life and live it – instead of shunting away from it! This attitude will automatically help you find effective and personalized ways to control anxiety naturally.






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