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Feeling Anxious all the time: 3 Thinking Mistakes that Worsen Your Anxiety

Himanshu Dani

Have you been feeling anxious all the time?

Today I want to share something that made me super anxious like hell.

I used to have random anxiety attacks for no reason.

You might have read tons of philosophy on feeling anxious, its origin and its effects on your life.

But believe me, going deep into how the brain produces anxiety is of no use if you want to overcome it and stay healthy and robust. This is the hallmark of generalized anxiety disorder.

I often say that it is all in your head.

Where is the danger?

Does it feel like you are dying?


Does death really come?


Do you feel suffocation?

Ohh Yeah.

Do you really suffocate?


Do you feel like fainting?


Do you actually faint?


Still, you are you are scared of all these things and many other things.


What is the thing that is messing with you? Continue reading

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