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Recovering from Anxiety: 5 Effective calming strategies for panic attacks!

Himanshu Dani

Calming down during a panic attack is really a tough job. Every panic attack sufferer recovering from anxiety has the experience that the harder she tries to calm down more intense the panic becomes. Suppressing panic attack symptoms or trying to avoid them intensifies them and pushes you further towards extreme anxiety. 

But no worries!

Because anxiety does go away!

Now you can manage your panic attacks better because some unorthodox strategies can help you calm down fast. These anxiety recovery states can be achieved fast with smart work and less negative thinking.  

First of all, understand that these coping techniques work best in recovering from anxiety physical symptoms when you are ready to tolerate some fear and panic symptoms (of course they are not harmful and you know that right?). Not that you have to tolerate a full-blown panic attack. You will have to train yourself to tolerate anxiety with at least half the intensity of a full-blown panic attack. If you get a hold of these strategies you will understand how to recover from anxiety attacks.

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