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How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

How to stop worrying and start living
                                                                              – By Dale Carnegie

Has it ever happened that you have lost all hope and  peace of mind and also you cannot figure the way out
of the problems?

All of us come across this situation numerous times in personal and professional life.
When it comes to life lessons Dale Carnegie does
not need an introduction.

How can How to start worrying and start living can help you?

The great quality of this book is that every word of it speaks about the experience of real people.

The people who struggled in life with fear, anxiety, nervousness, and hopelessness. 

It documents the ultimate triumph of individuals who got over their pain and misery with simple yet neglected methods to control our thoughts and behaviors.

This book was like a blessing for me. It’s full of enlightenment and wisdom from great men and women across the world. I just feel like reading it every day and, reread the book, until I get the courage to make things happen.

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The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook
 (6th Edition) 
-BEdmund Bourne, PhD

This anxiety workbook has proved its usefulness from the time it was first published and now it is going through 6th edition. 

In this workbook, Edmund Bourne takes a highly empathetic approach towards everything one faces in anxiety and phobias. He understands that curing panic attacks is not limited to only stopping panic attacks but overall cognitive, emotive and physical improvement is necessary to sustain the treatment benefits. 

It was hard for me to sit still and read it because of high anxiety but when it comes to relaxation exercises this book gave a wonderful experience. Once I got used to it I felt a lot better. 

This book has helped me to:

  • Boost my confidence and increase daring in various activities
  • Overcome Agoraphobia
  • Increase the general sense of wellness
  • Increase confidence in social situations (regarding panic attacks)
  • Get used to coping techniques so that panic does not affect me that much
  • Getting rid of health-related anxiety which is very common with panic attack sufferers
  • Learn meditations for calming and focusing the mind so that it does not fuel anxiety
  • Avoid foods (Nutrition) that can cause anxious arousal

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: The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks

                                                         -by Barry McDonagh

Barry McDonagh does not require any introduction. He is a very well known and successful coach in the field of anxiety and phobias. He became widely known for his Panic Away Program which has been proved to be the most successful anxiety program ever. 

In DARE, Barry tells of facing the fears without judging them or resisting them. He says it is very important to learn to tolerate anxiety if you want to overcome it. The book teaches to allow it to happen with full confidence so that you lose the fear of panic attacks or agoraphobia.

The main thing that the book says about is the DARE Response. When you are overwhelmed by anxiety, you start running away. But, here Barry says that you need to embrace it and accept it completely. This maneuver is not about getting quick relief. It is about getting freedom from anxiety forever.  For example, leaving avoidance habits and easy ways to cope with tough situations etc.

The book teaches to practice role playing like – I’mm excited about panic”, “I want it”, I want it badly”

This makes it drop its power in front of you and you become the controller because Barry says anxiety is like a trap, the more you try to pull out from it the more you get trapped.

So, if you want to get rid of panic attacks, you need to learn the DARE Response. Once you master it there is no way you can be controlled by anxiety…..ever…

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When Panic Attacks: The New, Drug-Free Anxiety Therapy That Can Change Your Life
   – By Dr. David Burns M.D.

This book was a lifesaver for me. This book fell into my hands when I was in the phase of panic disorder where I was 100% sure I had a heart blockage and maybe a small but growing tumor in the brain!

This book exactly documented what I felt and thought. I got a hint that this book has answers to all my questions. All the scientific truth about panic disorder and its symptoms unfolded in front of me and I read out this book voraciously. Furthermore, the Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) exercises that are given in each chapter made me learn more and more every time
I practiced them.

This book introduced me to the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, its development, and advancements.

Unique features of this book according to me: 

  • Dr. Burns’s experience of 5 decades in CBT research and clinical therapy
  • Empathetic approach in providing solutions with real-life stories of his own patients
  • Includes all the necessary tools for anxiety self-therapy and also the tools to check improvement 

This book focuses on all forms of anxiety disorders like- Panic Attacks, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Phobias, Hypochondria, Social Anxiety, and OCD. 

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Panic Attacks Workbook
: A Guided Program for “Beating the panic trick”                                        
– By Dr. David Carbonell

Panic Attack Workbook is considered to be one of the best books that are available on panic attacks self-help.

When I read this book it proved to be my eye-opener. It gave me very deep insights of what panic attacks actually are and what are the ways that we can think of to reduce the intensity of panic attacks.

Dr. Carbonell delivers a unique approach to dealing with panic by what he calls “dissecting a panic attack.” The effectiveness of his tricks shows prominently when one practices them with dedication. No wonder it is the most celebrated panic attack self-help book around the world.

This book taught me to:

  • Recognize my panic attack triggers
  • Nullify the triggers and step out of the panic cycle
  • Getting rid of the things that kept panic in my life
  • Breathing exercise to stop panic attacks quickly
  • Practicing exposure exercises to desensitize yourself

But, Is this book meant for you?
Yes if you have the following miseries in your life:

  • You feel that you can never get out of panic disorder
  • You constantly feel that you can go out of control or go crazy
  • You feel you will have heart attack anytime
  • You feel you can pass out and fall on the ground

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Don’t Panic: Taking Control of Anxiety Attacks (3rd Edition)
-By Dr. Reid Wilson

Don’t panic is a masterpiece for anxiety disorders by well-known anxiety expert Dr. Reid Wilson.
He has a unique approach to addressing anxiety disorders. This book gives a set of skills that are necessary for a panic-prone person to incorporate in his life in order to free from panic attacks. Dr. Wilson says dropping the guard and facing the panicky situation is the only way that is uniquely effective for panic attacks. He has been a practitioner of CBT for his entire career and he is one of the few world experts who actually have a hang of what anxiety disorder really is and what are the ways to banish it.
This is the reason Don’t Panic is a must read. The principles explained in this book will make you able to tolerate your anxiety. Dr. Wilson takes through the process of reducing your fear- that he has developed as a CBT therapist. Needless to say, his experience in providing CBT and exposure therapies clearly shows in his book. 
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