• Feeling Anxious: 3 Thinking Mistakes that Worsen Your Anxiety

    Himanshu Dani

    Today I want to share a thing with you for which I wasn’t an exception either.

    I used to have random anxiety attacks for no reason.

    You might have read tons of philosophy on feeling anxious, its origin and effects on your life.

    But believe me, going deep into how the brain produces anxiety is of no use if you want to overcome it and stay healthy and robust.

    I often say that it is all in your head.

    Where is the danger?

    Does it feel like you are dying?


    Does death really come?


    Do you feel suffocation?

    Ohh Yeah.

    Do you really suffocate?


    Do you feel like fainting?


    Do you actually faint?


    Still you are you are scared of all these things and many other things.


    What is the thing that is messing with you? Continue reading

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  • Can unhelpful emotions cause anxiety?

    Himanshu Dani

    Image source: lifehacker.com

    Humans are the most emotional animals on earth.

    Emotions. The most difficult thing to understand this universe.

    Humans have wondered for ages on how emotions arise in the mind.

    They are so powerful that they have the potential to have big and
    long lasting impacts on our lives.

    There is a link between anxiety and emotions. Certainly, there is.

    Anxiety is an overstimulation of fear responses. It means that it is the more powerful form of the emotion of fear.

    We already know that fear is indeed an emotion that is associated with discomfort.

    If you are an anxiety sufferer you will admit the fact that emotions affect you in a different way than they did before you had an anxiety disorder. Continue reading

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  • Anxiety and Confusion: Overcoming Confusion States in Anxiety and Panic

    Himanshu Dani

    Anxiety/Panic has a peculiar characteristic.

    That is, it produces confusion.

    The confusion is mainly about

    • Your surrounding
    • Your bodily sensations &
    • The weird feelings you get during those moments

    With continued suffering of panic attacks or intense anxiety, it appears that anxiety and confusion are tied together for the worse.

    If you personify anxiety or panic as a devil you can say that it intimidates you every now and then.

    It threatens you with fainting and humiliation in public, heart attack like feeling, fear of craziness, fear of death, etc.

    These are the thoughts and feelings that capture your mind. The result of this is often that you are not that much into your normal senses.

    That is because anxiety consumes your mental energy. This can result in confusion or lack of attentiveness in your routine life.

    It is a state of high arousal which makes your nervous system highly active for considerable periods of time.

    This can temporarily affect the normal functioning of your brains like the clarity of thought and perception. This may lead to states of confusion.

    But remember this confusion is not due to any brain defect or a brain tumor.

    If you have checked with a medical professional and he has assured you that there are no such conditions, you can assume that it is due to anxiety.

    Anxiety and Confusion are always coexistent”

    Continue reading

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  • 7 Anxiety Questions Answered By Dr. Helen Odessky

    Himanshu Dani

    Nothing is better than getting answers to your anxiety questions from an experienced therapist.

    Over past few decades, there has been a tremendous development in the field of psychotherapy for anxiety and depression.

    Even then a majority of sufferers don’t know how, when and where to get help for these conditions. They keep suffering even when appropriate help is available.

    Dr. Helen Odessky has answered 7 questions on anxiety briefly which can motivate you to get therapy as soon as possible and take back the control of your life.

    Anxiety Question Continue reading

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