Overcoming Panic attacks: Are you getting miserable over other’s misery?

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Overcoming Panic

When it comes to overcoming panic attacks you often say this world is a living hell that I’m bound to suffer in!           

You often complain- there is so much suffering in this so-called “beautiful” world.

Once upon a time, you thought that this life is all about 
fun, pleasures, and happiness.

But, no sooner you realized that fun, pleasure, and 
happiness are not the only mental states in this world. There is something called anxiety or panic that impacts you emotionally

Until that happened you were unaware of the fact that you can also get overly anxious over other’s pains and sufferings. You are not really sure if there is a way for overcoming panic attacks you are facing every day.

The Truth about Panic prone individuals:

Panic prone individuals are very sensitive to negative experiences. They get afraid to just sights of scary objects or events. They often feel an intense dread of a panic attack itself.

That is not at all funny…you understand it better right?
In my experience, others find it really difficult to understand what you feel like when you get edgy.

Till now you have become pretty sure that most of the people around hardly know anything about overcoming panic attacks. There are some simple ways to control anxiety but how would teach me those things? 

No doubt they pretend to be knowing everything about your mental state but who knows better than that?

It’s YOU right?

That is not at all funny.

If one wants to understand anxiety he or she needs to experience it. One cannot understand anxiety by watching others having panic attacks.

Over that, they have absolutely no idea about the ways to reduce panic attacks.

So, the truth is nobody understands how you feel except yourself. They know it but they don’t understand it.

Others just know it but they don’t understand it.

It’s not their fault because as I  said- to understand panic you have to experience it!

That does not make you alone on your journey towards recovery….
There are millions of people on this planet who have suffered different forms of anxiety, even panic attacks.

They can understand how you feel because they have been suffering from panic attacks.

Possibly only they can have a few reasonable judgments about your condition and only they can offer a few words of relief to you.

Lots of people are on the journey of overcoming panic attacks. You can certainly be a part of the tribe!

Corpses and Crying relatives made me miserable…..

A lot has been said about the causes of anxiety. Still, extensive research is going on to pinpoint exact causes of anxiety.

Whatever may be the root causes of anxiety. Now we exactly know what makes anxiety sustain in our lives once it hits us.

When I was hit by anxiety in my late teens, I had become almost fearful to almost everything related to the human affair.

  • Stage speaking
  • Phone ring
  • Fights
  • Road accidents
  • Injuries
  • Diseases
  • Death

These things would make my heart rate peak within 2 seconds! They brought me a crippling fear which tormented me every time. It used to crush me and I used to think about the times I was free of anxiety.

That playful mood was long gone. I was not having the “feel-good” state for nearly days!

That was a great mystery for me. I kept on thinking for years long on how this change occurred in me.

Slowly when the truth unfolded, it was apparent that I had been seeing each and everything through a speck of “angst.”

I was not doing it intentionally or purposely. That happened and kept on happening unknowingly.

I always wondered and cried at times saying- how can I stop panic attacks?

What the hell?

Was there a way out?

The naked truth about anxiety……

When one gets trapped into GAD or Panic Disorder, one is very sensitive to negative events. Fist fights, bloodshed, road accidents, deaths, loud cries etc. make the sufferer panic in a split second.

There is no question about the mind disturbing potential of the negative unpleasant events.

Even if the events are only somewhat unpleasant, they arouse intense anxiety in the individual and the anxiety panic symptoms peak within no time.

 Let me give you my very own example:

Whenever I heard any bad news or death news I panicked.

Shortly after I had been diagnosed with panic disorder my family received a few phone calls of death news of my distant relatives. I was definitely disturbed because of those negative events.

Later on, I started to panic every time the phone rang!

The ringing phones made me irritated and annoyed.

The moment the sound of the ring hit my ears, my heart would have a deep and powerful beat! I could hear that one.

I was so furious at this condition that I badly wanted immediate assistance in overcoming panic attacks and anxiety.

Although I was completely sane and I didn’t lose touch with reality, I was scared of the ringing phones!

Second instance
Shortly thereafter, one fine day I was watching TV and suddenly a death news flashed. A prominent and rich politician had died.

The news channels showed his dead body and the crying relatives. That made me so anxious that I had a nearly full-blown panic attack.

The attack peaked within 3 to 4 minutes and it was really overwhelming.

I spent the entire day in anxiety and more or less intense panic attacks. It was hell and I was exhausted by the end of the day even on being just sitting at home.

It was hell and I was exhausted by the end of the day even on being just sitting at home. 

All I kept wondering about were why was it so depressing for me and what could be the ways to overcoming panic attacks and anxiety.  

Overcoming Panic attacksWhat the hell lies at the very core of your anxious brain?

When anxiety hits you and you are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, you become over-sensitive to fearful circumstances and you get aroused very easily.

Even in the absence of any negative physical event like an accident or fist fight or earthquake, mere thoughts and imageries about them can trigger panic attacks. Actually, they often do!

Millions of dollars are being invested in finding out what made you that sensitive!
The question is very obvious but the answer to it is not easy. The human brain has been explored by thousands of scientists to find out the causes of anxiety and panic attacks.

Some of the things about the fear mechanism of the human brain have been known but still, it is very difficult to tell exactly how people start having anxiety and panic attacks. But this does not mean overcoming panic attacks is impossible!

The burning question is – why does the fear mechanism does not have a stop button?

If it has a stop button where the hell it is? (You understand better what I mean)

Overcoming Panic attacksOne day we will get the absolute answer.

The real causes of anxiety and panic. 

But, we are not bound to suffer until then. 

Even if we don’t know the root causes of panic attacks psychological therapies have been developed which are very effective for overcoming panic attacks.

Their effectiveness has been tested and it turns out that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the most effective treatment method for panic.

Overcoming panic attacks: The First step is to understand that you get miserable over other’s miseries

As discussed earlier, you now know that panic prone individuals have a strong tendency to get afraid when they witness fearful events or objects.

Your fear mechanism fires within a second and you are in great misery at the next second.

You get concerned mentally even if you have got nothing to do with what has happened.

The equation of you compulsorily getting upset other people’s tragedies is not at all valid.

Thousands of people die every day. Do you want to get upset over each and everybody’s death?

There is some philosophy or belief or a conditioning that is deeply rooted in your mind which says- I must be upset and fearful if there is any tragedy or death in my surrounding.

The non-verbal statement for this might be-

 The other person has had that tragedy but it should not happen to me! 

Does it make sense?

Whenever we see others in problems or witness others losing on life we immediately develop an aversion for that.

We don’t want that to happen to us in any case.

Perhaps this is the worst thought in human mind. This really keeps us from overcoming panic attacks.

And that is what we call  anxiety .

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  1. Smita Narayan

    This is a very interesting guide to overcoming panic attacks since we never notice things that are going on in our head when we are going through bouts of anxiety and panic attacks. One Very important aspect of panic disorder is that the sufferers get miserable over other’s miseries and become fearful of what happens in their life in the future. That worry definitely made me anxious too. Thanks for this post.

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