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My Anxiety Story. . .

But….who is this?

This is Himanshu. I want to share my anxiety story with you.

I had been a panic sufferer for a long time- from childhood. I am writing this blog because I have suffered a lot and I realized that people suffer from panic disorder because of lack of appropriate advice and empathy. I want to help you with your fears and try to bring some ease to your life with my very own experiences. You will come to know from my anxiety story.

 [I want to talk about the core distress you experience in panic disorder and associated anxiety which is difficult to  explain in words and what only psychologists understand ] 


 [There is much more than just the medical definitions or notions of the feelings and symptoms of panic disorder from the sufferer’s point of view] 

[According to my experience medical explanations are the simplest explanations regarding panic disorder]

It might have been a while, you are suffering from Panic Disorder. You might be having your anxiety story.

Let me tell you my anxiety story…

When I had my very first panic attack, I was almost dead with the dread I experienced. I absolutely didn’t know that such kind of fear exists and it can be very disabling. I thought I had a heart attack. Then I went to my physician and he ended up saying it is because of stress or depression. I told him I had no peer pressure except some college examination stress. He prescribed some basic anti-anxiety pills.

The condition did not improve during the next 4-5 months. I started having repeated attacks of fear and discomfort about which there was nobody to explain. That was the most distressing time period of my life. I suffered lightheadedness, physical imbalance, palpitations, and intense fear. All the doctors just said it is stress or depression or anxiety and suggested me to change the lifestyle or keep taking the pills.

I was bewildered by everything that was happening. There was no real appreciation to my questioDoctors even on being medical professionals could not understand what was happening and they were giving me ineffective pieces of advice for such a distressing problem.

I was annoyed because of this pathetic condition.

(This is the reality in many developed countries. Physicians are not capable of helping panic disorder sufferers!)


I began to find the answers on my own.

I started reading psychology and that was the turning point of my anxiety story. I found out what the problem actually was, who are the experts for these problems, what is the actual clinical significance of panic disorder and what is its standard treatment protocol based on latest psychological research and things like that.

That gave me insight and helped me to recover from my problem and lead a confident life.

You are wondering: Is it natural or unnatural?

Probably nobody is able to show you empathy…because they don’t know what anxiety and panic feel like.

(This blog is an effort to ease or help you get rid of your suffering from panic disorder) 

support for anxietyI want to communicate with you. . .


I want to help you with your anxiety. . .

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts.


  1. Tito

    I feel like I am losing my mind…I feel pins and needles are being pricked all over my body, I feel unwell like something is wrong…I feel everything, I have trembling legs and things, very imbalanced, vertigo, lightheadedness and I have the fear of fainting…what can I do??? help me

    1. Himanshu Dani

      Hi Tito.

      Im sorry for your condition.

      I exactly understand what you are going through. From the symptoms you are having I can say that you are suffering high anxiety- high functioning anxiety.

      Remeber that all the symptoms of anxiety do not have to do with your body. They are the effects of your anxious mind. The source of all these symptoms is our mind. Those symptoms will not harm your body. Out of all the symptoms lightheadedness is very bothersome because it makes you feel like you can faint anytime on the street or at school or at work. Whenever you feel the sensation of lightheadedness and vertigo you panic.

      I have studied a lot of vertigo in anxiety and it is actually not vertigo. The feeling of imbalance is related to blood pressure and not clinical vertigo. Blood pressure fluctuates in anxiety and panic attacks and that is the reason for lightheadedness and feeling out of balance or giddiness. Hyperventilation also contributes to this feeling. Note that none of these things are dangerous and they are not known to cause life-threatening problems. You can see more in this post:

      Negative fearful emotions. depressing thoughts, worrying about family, parents, and crying because of them is very common in anxiety. Whenever people experience panic attacks they experience fear of completely another dimension. This shatters them in and out. The strength and intensity of panic bring a lot of changes in life. Negative thinking and feeling are one of them. I learned to tolerate these emotions and feelings and eventually got over them. Finally, they didn’t bother me anymore and in spite of feeling that way sometimes I was not in misery.

      You need to start practicing cognitive self-therapy immediately along with getting help from a registered medical practitioner- a therapist. See all the posts on this blog and after that read the books by of Dr.David Burns and Dr.David Carbonell. They have helped me get control of my anxiety.

      You can ask me anything anytime.

      Take care.

    1. Shalisa

      Sorry I didn’t see the menu option at the top!! Did u ever have to go on medication for ur panic or anxiety?? And also those books references are awesome

      1. Himanshu Dani Post author

        Shalisa, I have practiced only mindfulness meditation for my anxiety and panic. I have mainly focused on CBT till now. But I would suggest you to go for Vipassana meditation taught by The Buddha 2500 years ago. That is the purest form of meditation that transforms life. I am also going to get a course soon. For more on how it works see Vipassana master SN Goenka’s video:

        Also, check out this post for another kind of meditation:

    2. Himanshu Dani Post author

      Hii Shalisa. How are you doing? I don’t have a separate blog. All articles are included on the main website.

  2. ua2017

    I too am suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.Due to these attacks i gave went rrom normal physicians to cardiologist , gastroentrologist and even considered a neurologist as i even started getting mild headache all the time(still suffereing) but still my situation has not improved.pls tell me a way to cope up with it as it has started to interfere with my studies.

    1. Himanshu Dani Post author

      Hello, I completely understand what you are going through and that is what I want to communicate with my anxiety story. The first thing to remember is that you don’t need to worry at all. Your anxiety and panic attacks are making you believe in all the negative things that are not true. You might be thinking that you may have brain problems, heart disease, degenerative disorder or some unknown disease. They are simply not true. If all the doctors have given you a green signal that there is nothing wrong with you, there is nothing to worry about. You are as fit and fine as everyone else. You are having the headache because you are under stress. Remember that panic itself is a form of stress.

      For starting your recovery I suggest you consult a good psychotherapist first. He will help you. But along with that importantly start practicing self-help cognitive therapy. See this post ( ) and start doing this exercise every day. I am coming with more such posts in the coming month. Stay in touch and feel free to contact me anytime.

      Take care.

  3. Sussane T.

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