How to control Panic Attacks- A 3-Step Breakthrough Technique

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Panic attacks
How to control Panic Attacks- A 3-Step Breakthrough Technique

You want to control panic attacks….Right?

In the last article, we discussed 5 Ways To Control Anxiety and Achieve Mental PeaceToday we will see an amazing technique that will help you control panic attacks very effectively. With practice this will reduce your panic attack symptoms to a greater extent. 

For most of us, it’s a puzzle: How to control Panic Attacks?

How to solve the panic riddle?

As we know, panic disorder is a very debilitating condition.

A person suffers crippling anxiety and many fears which make him housebound and detached from the external world. Social Anxiety, Agoraphobia, and hypochondriasis are conditions which are coexistent with panic disorder.

If you are suffering from anxiety and always wonder how to control panic attacks, let me tell you that it is a very treatable condition.

First of all, you need to understand that it is not a disease. It is medically called as “disorder” but this word is taken in an exaggerated manner. I like not to call it a disorder because it is taken synonymously as “disease” and its apparent nature makes one feel like it is a deadly disease.

The first part of the secret is to understand panic attacks and what is it that fuels them. When we demolish the root cause of panic attacks they cannot occur because their trigger does not exist. 

Disorder simply means that the things are “not in order” or “out of order.”

They can be brought in order with appropriate psychological maneuvers and techniques. There are some specific moves you can follow to change this condition and take back the control of your life.

You need to practice this technique for a considerable amount of time to succeed with it. It is not going to happen overnight. Courage and Determination are the prerequisites. This technique is to be used every time you get anxiety or panic attack.

 A 3-Step Breakthrough Technique to control Panic attacks:

1.Observe the sensationsHow to control Panic Attacks- A 3-Step Breakthrough Technique
If you are an anxiety-prone person you very well know how the beginning of it feels. The symptoms and the sensations start slowly and begin to get intense.

The sensations you feel are:

  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Muscle tension
  • Tightness in chest
  • Heaviness in chest and stomach
  • Sweating
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Feeling like fainting
  • Extreme fear
  • Feeling like running away from the place


Initially, you need to understand that it is just another episode of anxiety or panic attack. Remind yourself that you have experienced this before and this is not new to you. Agree with the fact that no matter how harmful it may seem, it is not actually harmful. You can see panic attack symptoms and their actual interpretation.


Take these practical steps:

  1. Try to endure these discomforting sensations courageously and observe the sensations without resisting them.
  2. Just affirm the sensations in real time, like,

“I’m feeling rapid heartbeat”

“I’m feeling heaviness in chest.”

“I’m feeling dizzy”

By doing this you actually let the sensations run through your body and you flow with them. Experience them as they rise and get intense. With courage and determination let the anxiety consume you.

Now, Come to step 2.

2.Embrace your Anxiety and Panic

Steps to manage your panic attacks

Embrace the sensations of anxiety and panic with all heart and mind. Welcome it without any resistance and then you become the in charge of the happening. Act as if you chose it and you like it. Don’t suppress the panic instead, give it free license to flow into your body and mind. You will not suffocate or pass out in anxiety or panic. Give anxiety and panic the freedom to manifest themselves in whatever intensity they want to be.

This is very important because,

Looking at Anxiety & Panic as an entity, it wants to give you a sensation and feeling that you resist. When you drop your guard and face it, it loses power over you and you become the in charge of the game! And when you become the in charge of the game the problem is solved.

Is it easy?

No, but its worth it….

You will notice it has gone more distressing in step 2. You feel the heart pounding, dizziness, trembling etc. in high intensity. Remember this just a state of nervous arousal and you don’t need to interpret it as a danger.

The next step is the one where panic loses power over you.

3.Demand for More Panic

How to control Panic Attacks- A 3-Step Breakthrough Technique

You have reached the state of high arousal, and you are experiencing full sensations all over your body. Gather courage and demand more to the anxiety. Tell the anxiety to get worse and say that you can bear it.

You can say,

“Anxiety I want you to get stronger.”

“Anxiety I want you to make me more uncomfortable.”

“Anxiety, make me suffocate.”

“Anxiety I beg you to make my heart beat faster.”

This a crucial step to be taken if you want to recover.

Consequently, the fear will fully pass through you and you will gain the control of the panic. The cycle of panic is diffused here because you no longer feed the fear with mental resistance. The panic drops its weapons and surrenders to you. Simply by just not resisting it, there is no rebound or return of the panic.

This seems paradoxical, isn’t it?

But that’s true. Demanding for more fear reduces the fear. This is the nature of fear, but we always act in the opposite way. Learning to face fear and refusing to feed it to make it intense is the secret of getting over panic. This is a great psychological tool which can transform your life.

Trust the fact: Panic is Not Dangerous!


The change has happened.

Now you know the answer and you can effectively control panic attacks.

Your nervous system has learned that panic is not dangerous. In the beginning, your condition was like the Pokemon who always had an attacker finding him to catch him. But now the Pokemon is free of all worries. In step 3 within no time, the graph of your arousal begins to fall and you start feeling better. You notice that actually there was nothing to be afraid of. You feel happy for your victory.

With this,

A feeling of trust is developed in you. You now know that whenever you have anxiety again, you have a very powerful tool that can be used to control panic attacks. You have to have trust that panic is gradually losing power over you.

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