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7 Hidden Life Situations where anxiety sufferers panic (and how to avoid it)

Himanshu Dani

Anxiety sufferers feel something that normal people don’t even know exists. 

I often say that anxiety has different painful tastes and flavors.

This fear poses in front of you in different life situations. Many of those situations are simply unavoidable. That is the reason we need to be able to control anxiety in these situations.

An important thing to understand is that you do not always observe every situation that invites anxiety. Some situations pass so fast that they keep out of your notice but the anxiety they cause is noticed prominently. 

In this post, I want to discuss a few such hidden situations that cause anxiety and how you can avoid them.  Continue reading

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Stop Living with Anxiety: Only 4 mistakes to avoid for a change

Himanshu Dani

Are you living with anxiety and suffering panic attacks again and again? 

Not able to get rid of the fearful life? 

Getting rid of the panic crisis is difficult and easy both!

No doubt living with anxiety is absolutely distressing but all it demands is the right mindset.

Panic Disorder is indeed a very vicious problem of extreme anxiety, and it is necessary to understand it well in order to have a chance to get rid of it.

In this article, I want to share with you the 4 mistakes that you must absolutely avoid if you want to end the panic crisis.

I had been making these mistakes in interpreting panic attack symptoms for as long as I can remember.

I wish someone told me some clever anxiety hacks that nobody knew! Continue reading

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Anxiety Neurosis: causes, symptoms and prevention

Himanshu Dani

Anxiety neurosis is the classic term for anxiety disorders. It denotes the mental disturbance caused in the sufferer’s life because of negative and unrealistic thinking.  It is “a state where excessive stress or inability to cope with stress causes mental exhaustion.” Anxiety neurosis affects millions of people worldwide. Some people experience only in acute form while others develop full anxiety disorders. The chances of developing Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) or panic attacks depends on the intensity of neurosis( negative and illogical thinking) and the time period for which a person suffers neurosis.

However, the term neurosis is used sparingly now because it sounds vague and does not represent any real disorder.

Today I am going to talk about what neurosis really is… Continue reading

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See how this Buddhist Monk got over his Panic Disorder with Meditation

Himanshu Dani

Born in 1975 in the Himalayan border regions between Tibet and Nepal, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche is a much-loved and accomplished meditation master. From a young age, Rinpoche was drawn to a life of contemplation. He spent many years of his childhood in strict retreat. At the age of seventeen, he was invited to be a teacher at his monastery’s three-year retreat center, a position rarely held by such a young lama. He also completed the traditional Buddhist training in philosophy and psychology, before founding a monastic college at his home monastery in north India. From: Tergar community website.

Mingyur Rinpoche and how we can get over our panic and anxiety with right thinking and meditation- Introduction

Continue reading

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