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Arushya Ashwin Wadhwa is a freelance writer and blogger who likes to contribute to the society with the medium of writing. She takes passion in understanding problems that people face and enjoys writing on anxiety, spirituality, and business.

5 Ways to control anxiety naturally and achieve mental peace

Arushya Ashwin Wadhwa

I firmly believe Anxiety is a matter of choice we make and we can control thinking and find ways to control anxiety naturally.

Debilitating Anxiety manifests when general anxiety goes overlooked. 

We decide to live in fear, to live in and despair thinking what ‘if’ the person I ‘fear’ the most or ‘love’ the most says NO!

Or what ‘IF’ I have to go through that same situation I went through a few years back?

You detest the answers which are not in sync with what you want or desire.

No sooner Debilitating Anxiety invades you!


  • Very secure people are the most anxious
  • Chequered childhood leads to profound anxieties

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