Anxiety and Confusion: Overcoming Confusion States in Anxiety and Panic

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anxiety and confusion

Anxiety/Panic has a peculiar characteristic.

That is, it produces confusion.

The confusion is mainly about

  • Your surrounding
  • Your bodily sensations &
  • The weird feelings you get during those moments

With continued suffering of panic attacks or intense anxiety, it appears that anxiety and confusion are tied together for the worse.

If you personify anxiety or panic as a devil you can say that it intimidates you every now and then.

It threatens you with fainting and humiliation in public, heart attack like feeling, fear of craziness, fear of death, etc.

These are the thoughts and feelings that capture your mind. The result of this is often that you are not that much into your normal senses.

That is because anxiety consumes your mental energy. This can result in confusion or lack of attentiveness in your routine life.

It is a state of high arousal which makes your nervous system highly active for considerable periods of time.

This can temporarily affect the normal functioning of your brains like the clarity of thought and perception. This may lead to states of confusion.

But remember this confusion is not due to any brain defect or a brain tumor.

If you have checked with a medical professional and he has assured you that there are no such conditions, you can assume that it is due to anxiety.

Anxiety and Confusion are always coexistent”

The racing mind:

anxiety and confusionWhenever you have a panic attack, your mind is always in the state where you have racing thoughts.
They are mostly catastrophic thoughts or the thoughts about the next panic attack or some real challenging event.

YOUR mind races. You think many different things in that time span.

You might be in the office or school or any social event or anywhere.

The scary thoughts occupy your mind and it becomes difficult for you to concentrate on what you are doing. 

This consequently leads to forgetfulness and confusion.

Delusional like mind:

Panic attacks create such a turmoil in your mind that it becomes difficult for you to stay alert of your present surroundings.

You are constantly thinking About what is happening to you and contemplate what things might happen to you as a result of your fear.

This can create a state of confusion in your mind and for a period you go into another world which only has panic and fear in it. There is no “feel good” feeling in this state.

Of course, this state is temporary and never mistake it
as you have gone crazy.

It is just the direct result of your anxious arousal which will subside as the state passes.

Although this feels a delusional state, don’t think that you are a victim of actual delusions. I used the word delusions just to explain the thing.

How to cope and overcome this state of confusion in anxiety panic 

1.Use relaxation audios

There are some audios which are made especially for grounding in panic attacks.

The step by step relaxation exercise relaxes you, makes your body and mind calm and bring back to the state of normal awareness which we all are in our regular living. With these grounding audios, you become habitual to make difference between anxiety and confusion.

You can make listening to such audios a habit, practicing them daily to get best results. Here is an audio exercise called Mindful Grounding for Anxiety/Panic from by Dr. Monica Frank.

2.Maintain a Panic Diary

Maintaining a panic diary helps you to identify and understand the triggers of your panic attacks.

As we have learned earlier there are some specific thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors which trigger and maintain panic in your life. 

When they are controlled or eliminated your panic attacks can automatically reduce in frequency and intensity. With the panic diary, you can understand how anxiety and confusion are interrelated and trigger each other. The panic diary can help you achieve this.


Exercise has been proven to improve many mental states of anxiety-prone people.

It has been associated with feelings of anxiety triggered confusion and the overall mood.

Exercise increases the feel-good chemicals in the brain which improves your overall mood thus contributing to some improvement in your anxiety.

Exercise improves your:

      • Stress threshold
      • Memory and alertness
      • Keeps you fresh throughout the day
      • Help reduce daytime drowsiness
      • Focus and Concentration

These are the basic things you can do to manage the overwhelming dread associated with the state of anxiety and confusion.

Along with that, it is very important to understand that panic is sustained in your life because you are scared of it. Anxiety and confusion are the main things which you will have to work on to cure your panic disorder. It is always better to get help from a professional who is an expert in treating anxiety disorders.


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