4 Clever Anxiety Hacks no one talks about

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Anxiety Hacks

Anxiety Hacks can be easy to understand but when it comes to implementing them they may be tough. 

If you are an anxiety sufferer you very well know that not everything that you feel can be expressed.

That is the reason you need somewhat personalized and somewhat unconventional ways to deal with anxiety. You may take a look at 5 Ways to Avoid Debilitating Anxiety and Achieve Balance.

Over that, you will agree that it is impossible to convey these feelings to a non-sufferer. 

When the people surrounding you cannot understand how you feel naturally they don’t have any solutions to your problems.

It’s not their fault. It’s just that anxiety is a subjective thing.

In order to understand it, you need to feel it. It can’t be understood by mere reading about it.

During the course of time, I thought a lot about it and these are the 4 anxiety hacks that have made difference in my life. 

They can benefit you too!

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1. Work on your mental imageries

anxiety mental imageriesThis is the father of all anxiety hacks.

All of us engage in daydreaming and different sorts of imaginative ventures every day.

By that I mean we see imageries in our minds about the things we have witnessed in life or the things we want to witness in the future.

It can also be the imagery of the things we like.

For example, watching yourself playing soccer of imagining yourself playing a guitar etc.

There is a proper place of these mental imageries in our mental system.

It gives us pleasure in imagining rewarding things but it is equally disturbing if we indulge more in negative imageries. For an in-depth discussion see 3 Thinking Mistakes that Worsen Your Anxiety.

Negative mental imageries make you anxious every time you have them. Over that when you have become a regular anxiety sufferer they are a part of your life. You find it very difficult to get rid of them. 

For example, imagining fainting and falling on the ground, suspecting heart attack, suspecting dangerous events like disease and death!


Change the imageries

Daydream but do it only for positive things. Imagine positive things, see happy moments in your eye, hear laughter in the ears.

Remember the funny moments filled with laughter that you witnessed in the past, the healthy periods of your life etc.(Remember you are not a diseased person, anxiety is not a disease. It’s a mental state).

This will keep the obvious anxiety triggers out of your head.

Of all anxiety hacks this is the one that you need to implement all the time wherever you are.

2. Work on the aversion of the places you often feel

anxiety hacksMany anxiety sufferers get irritated of the places they are in.

They begin to hate the design, interior of the buildings they work or need to go in.

I am saying this from my very own experience.

When I used to have panic attacks I began to dislike the place I worked it. It was not about panic.

Not that the places would make me panic.

I had not become phobic of the places.
I used to get bored there.

Every once in a while, I used to have feelings of getting away from those places. I simply didn’t like them. I felt like- what an unattractive place this is.

It was a kind of dislike of that place no matter how attractive and organized the place was.

I had to turn and twist my mind to accept that there is nothing unattractive in the place. The place was not that boring. 

Over that the second thing that interferes in between is Dejavu. Many times, we feel that we have witnessed the exact same situation or place before. That makes your anxious mind go wild!

Am I right?

Accepting the places and their physical appearance is the key to keeping away the negative vibes coming from those places.

3. Stay away from boredom- a unique stressor!

Boredom and anxiety are best friends

No sooner I fell in the panic cycle, I experienced a unique stressor.

It was Boredom!

Not the boredom that I felt when I had nothing to do.

It was the feeling of dislike for a particular thing when I didn’t want to do that.

Boredom does not directly cause anxiety but when you are bored your mind shifts to a mode where it can indulge in anxious thinking. That is, it can serve as a trigger.

For example, if I used to grow anxious if I didn’t want to be with somebody I was not interested talking to. It made me uncomfortable and finally, it could make me anxious.

The second example, whenever I had to eat something forcefully that I didn’t like, I would get very uncomfortable and finally anxious. I still get anxious if I am at somebody’s place and I have to finish what they have offered to me. Whenever I had to gulp food that I didn’t like, and there was no way to quit, I grew anxious.

The third example, I remember when I was in school, once the class was about to over but the teacher kept talking different things.
All students got bored. She started teaching something again. She just ignored that fact that the time was up and she needed to stop.
That made me highly uncomfortable and finally, I had a mild anxiety attack. After some time, the teacher understood that nobody really paid attention to her talk and that it was useless to teach like that.

Finally, that tyranny ended and I breathed out a sigh of relief.

Therefore, most important of all anxiety hacks – Find the ways to endure boredom or dislikes and transform them into neutral experiences. That is because it is impossible to determine if we can fall into such highly boring situations.

4. Do not personify difficult people. Think of them as stupid robots!
anxiety can cause anger
Along the course of time, you meet a lot of people. Some of them are really overwhelming. We often get demoralized by their behavior. First of all, they are scary to us in some sense.

This is one of the anxiety hacks that have a broader significance.

You might have experienced that you develop resistance for such people. They can be subordinates at your workplace, your seniors, your supervisors, teachers etc.

In my experience, such people (intentionally or unintentionally) try to overwhelm you with their rowdy, cynical and dominant personalities and that reminds you of your shortcomings. You feel inferior if you are there in their vicinity.

Let me give an example. There was an over smart girl in my company department where I worked a few years ago.

She was an attention seeker and a show-off.

The way she talked with me, the way she gave feedbacks and her attitude were all disgusting.

Many times, it was very insulting.

She was dominant because of her ego that she was an experienced professional.  

Just let them be the way they are.

Think of them as robots who have been programmed to behave like that. Ignorance in these moments is bliss!

Develop the attitude that makes you somewhat robust in front of everybody.

Not that you want to overwhelm others but if you want to keep such people away, this can be the best weapon!

After all, you don’t want to entertain them, Right?

No wonder you will be less anxious.

In summary, these anxiety hacks tell you to avoid and cope with unpleasant perceived experiences. As I always say the major challenge for the anxiety sufferer is to change his perceived experiences. We know that we want to change our perceptions and thus our feelings.

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