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How to beat Intrusive Thoughts in Anxiety and Panic Disorder?

Himanshu Dani

How would your day be if you were able to beat intrusive thoughts? 

You would have a greater self control and good time if you were able to control those disturbing thoughts. 

Many people ask me how to beat intrusive thoughts that are always bugging them in their everyday life. In almost all cases of Panic Disorder and related anxiety, one thing goes common. The driving factor for intrusive thoughts and sensations is anxious thinking. You would say that the intrusive thoughts are automatic and you have very little control over them. The fact is that no doubt intrusive thoughts are automatic but anxious thinking aggravates them and makes you susceptible to high anxiety. Without addressing these specific intrusive thoughts anxiety and panic disorder‚ there can be little success in eliminating the fear of anxiety. People who experience anxiety and panic attacks often deal with the negative side–effects of unwanted thoughts that creep into their minds.

Do you always wonder how to beat intrusive thoughts? For that, you need to understand how you actually feel…

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