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Exposure therapy for anxiety: Learn how panic attacks invaded your life?

Himanshu Dani

Exposure therapy for anxiety has given new insights on how you start having panic attacks. If you are an anxiety sufferer you have learned the “art of panic”. That might sound ridiculous but panic attacks literally develop and manifest because of a form of learning that human brain does automatically.

I know this is very difficult to believe. When I got to know this I was surprised to the extent that I felt this is a mockery by psychologists and doctors. I was annoyed and a few questions instantly popped up in my mind.

  • What learning has to do with panic attacks?
  • Is there any specific reason to point out for my suffering?
  • Where did I go wrong that I have to bear such intense fear and symptoms?
  • What was my mistake that led to panic attacks that are almost unbearable?

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