• Panic attacks and weakness in legs

    Himanshu Dani

    Many anxiety sufferers complain leg muscle weakness. You may have experienced that in anxiety and panic attacks. It’s like you often feel weakness in the legs when you stand still or walk on narrow footpaths, or walk in crowds or cross roads. You feel like energy is being drained from your legs and they are losing power to perform normally.

    The sensations you feel are:

    • Weakness and soreness in the calfs.
    • You describe this symptom as that their feet muscles feel numb.
    • You say that you feel continuous tingling in the thighs.
    • Panic attack sufferers often complain that the strength of their leg muscles has reduced.
    • It feels like the brain is not controlling the muscles properly.
    • At the end, you also think that you have neurodegenerative diseases, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS, or Parkinson’s Disease (which is of course not true).

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  • Can I Suffocate In Anxiety and Panic?

    Himanshu Dani

    We have seen that Anxiety is your mind and body’s heightened response to some threat.

    That threat can be real or imagined.

    If you are an anxiety sufferer the chances are high that you might be having imagined irrational fears which are not real.

    Anxiety and Panic Attack sufferers commonly have a lot of concern for their health and are constantly thinking that there is something wrong with their body. Like them, you might also be looking or expecting
    some health issue to be eventually found
    out, even though
     doctors have assured you that
    you are perfectly fine.

    The fear that you have suffocation or breathlessness problem is one of  the issues

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  • How to Cope with Generalized Anxiety and Worry at workplace?

    Himanshu Dani

    Fewer people with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) are aware of the fact that they actually need to manage their anxiety while at work. They often struggle with excessive worry about a variety of everyday problems related to work, or even their personal life, while trying to get their job done. This makes their life worse and contrary to what they think happens! They think that their worries are helping them to avoid or overcome problems but actually, they are increasing their problems. This is the reason emotional impacts of GAD cannot be ignored.

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  • Panic Attack Symptoms and their Actual Interpretation

    Himanshu Dani

    A panic attack is a discrete period of intense fear that is accompanied by uncomfortable physical symptoms

    Panic Attack Symptoms may include:

    • Palpitations.
    • Sweating.
    • Trembling or shaking.
    • Shortness of breath or smothering.
    • Feelings of choking.
    • Chest pain or discomfort.
    • Nausea or abdominal distress.
    • Dizziness or light–headedness.
    • Pins and needles.
    • Diarrhea.
    • Dry mouth.
    • Headache.
    • Derealization or depersonalization.
    • Chills or hot flushes

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  • How to deal with the dread that panic attack will strike any moment?

    Himanshu Dani

    Do you fear a panic attack? 

    People sometimes have the impression that their experience of anxiety is like being hooked up to an electroshock machine.  It just takes a flick of the anxiety switch to cause a flood leading to a full blown panic attack.

    All that happens is they keep suffering and keep finding the causes of panic attacks. They are 100% sure that they have a big heart blockage or a growing brain tumor.

    People in this situation often feel that they are lucky to make it through the day without that switch been flicked. They fear that it could happen at any moment day or night. They remain on high alert anticipating it. Anticipating the big one!

    This is because of 3 Thinking Mistakes that Worsen Anxiety. Continue reading

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