• How to beat Intrusive Thoughts in Anxiety and Panic Disorder?

    Himanshu Dani

    How would your day be if you were able to beat intrusive thoughts? 

    You would have a greater self control and good time if you were able to control those disturbing thoughts. 

    Many people ask me how to beat intrusive thoughts that are always bugging them in their everyday life. In almost all cases of Panic Disorder and related anxiety, one thing goes common. The driving factor for intrusive thoughts and sensations is anxious thinking. You would say that the intrusive thoughts are automatic and you have very little control over them. The fact is that no doubt intrusive thoughts are automatic but anxious thinking aggravates them and makes you susceptible to high anxiety. Without addressing these specific intrusive thoughts anxiety and panic disorder‚ there can be little success in eliminating the fear of anxiety. People who experience anxiety and panic attacks often deal with the negative side–effects of unwanted thoughts that creep into their minds.

    Do you always wonder how to beat intrusive thoughts? For that, you need to understand how you actually feel…

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  • Exposure therapy for anxiety: Learn how panic attacks invaded your life?

    Himanshu Dani

    Exposure therapy for anxiety has given new insights on how you start having panic attacks. If you are an anxiety sufferer you have learned the “art of panic”. That might sound ridiculous but panic attacks literally develop and manifest because of a form of learning that human brain does automatically.

    I know this is very difficult to believe. When I got to know this I was surprised to the extent that I felt this is a mockery by psychologists and doctors. I was annoyed and a few questions instantly popped up in my mind.

    • What learning has to do with panic attacks?
    • Is there any specific reason to point out for my suffering?
    • Where did I go wrong that I have to bear such intense fear and symptoms?
    • What was my mistake that led to panic attacks that are almost unbearable?

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  • How to control Panic Attacks- A 3-Step Breakthrough Technique

    Himanshu Dani

    You want to control panic attacks….Right?

    In the last article, we discussed 5 Ways To Control Anxiety and Achieve Mental PeaceToday we will see an amazing technique that will help you control panic attacks very effectively. With practice this will reduce your panic attack symptoms to a greater extent. 

    For most of us, it’s a puzzle: How to control Panic Attacks?

    How to solve the panic riddle?

    As we know, panic disorder is a very debilitating condition.

    A person suffers crippling anxiety and many fears which make him housebound and detached from the external world. Social Anxiety, Agoraphobia, and hypochondriasis are conditions which are coexistent with panic disorder. Continue reading

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  • 5 Ways to control anxiety naturally and achieve mental peace

    Arushya Ashwin Wadhwa

    I firmly believe Anxiety is a matter of choice we make and we can control thinking and find ways to control anxiety naturally.

    Debilitating Anxiety manifests when general anxiety goes overlooked. 

    We decide to live in fear, to live in and despair thinking what ‘if’ the person I ‘fear’ the most or ‘love’ the most says NO!

    Or what ‘IF’ I have to go through that same situation I went through a few years back?

    You detest the answers which are not in sync with what you want or desire.

    No sooner Debilitating Anxiety invades you!


    • Very secure people are the most anxious
    • Chequered childhood leads to profound anxieties

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  • Fear of anxiety is your worst enemy: See the facts here!

    Himanshu Dani

    Do you know that you actually have fear of anxiety? 

    Fear of anxiety is the actual thing that’s bugging you. People sometimes have the impression that their experience of anxiety is like being hooked up to an electroshock machine.  It just takes a flick of the anxiety switch to cause a flood leading to a full-blown panic attack.

    All that happens is they keep suffering and keep finding the causes of panic attacks. They are 100% sure that they have a big heart blockage or a growing brain tumor.

    People in this situation often feel that they are lucky to make it through the day without that switch been flicked. They fear that it could happen at any moment day or night. They remain on high alert anticipating it. Anticipating the big one! This marks the presence of fear of anxiety.

    This is because of 3 Thinking Mistakes that Worsen Anxiety. Continue reading

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  • Stop Living with Panic Disorder: Only 4 mistakes to avoid for a change

    Himanshu Dani

    Are you living with panic disorder and suffering panic attacks again and again? 

    Not able to get rid of the fearful life? 

    But there is a good news!

    Getting rid of the panic crisis is possible!

    No doubt living with panic disorder is absolutely distressing but all it demands is the right mindset.

    Panic Disorder is indeed a very vicious problem of extreme anxiety, and it is necessary to understand it well in order to have a chance to get rid of it.

    In this article, I want to share with you the 4 mistakes that you must absolutely avoid if you want to end the panic crisis.

    I had been making these mistakes in interpreting panic attack symptoms for as long as I can remember.

    I wish someone told me some clever anxiety hacks that nobody knew!

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